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There may be shipping delays of 1-3 weeks depending on the items and size of your order.  When ordering through this site, please give a "receive by date" in the comment box at checkout when placing your order.  We will make every effort to get it shipped out before that date if not sooner.  We will let you know as soon as possible if it will likely be longer.  



Rocket Motors are safe & predictable only when properly used by responsible persons.

Responsible persons placing orders for High Power Reload Kits require a photo or copy of your NAR or TRA Membership card, School, University or Government agency credentials and a Photo ID.  At this time these items will need to be emailed to scott(at)lokiresearch(DOT)com.   

I will work with the webmaster to incorporate a file attachment at the time of checkout in the future.  

All Loki Research Dealers will be asked to obtain this information from responsible persons as well.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

All Loki Research hardware can be used for Experimental (EX) use for making your own propellant and reloads.
All Loki Research reloads are certified for use at both TRA and NAR launches. When you see hardware listed that does not say EX, that means there is a commercial reload available for it.

When you see a Loki Research case or complete motor that is designated as "EX", this means that the hardware does not have any commercial reloads made for it and is intended for experimental use only. 



When the term EX is used for 38mm hardware, the nozzle throat size is different/larger than what is certified for use with that case sizes respective certified reload.  These larger throats are what is typically used by people who like to experiment.

 UPDATED ON 5/20/15

Know what you are buying is the best, and not just a best buy.

All Commercial Motor cases are CNC machined by highly skilled American machinists

to the highest standards of quality.

Read below for complete information on current Loki Research hardware and nozzles.

54mm & 76mm Seamless DOM Tubing direct from ARCONIC


- Made to standard OD hobby dimensions with the best possible ID & Wall tolerance offered by ARCONIC.

     - 54mm -1.939”ID +/-0.006” IR, 0.094” Wall +/-0.005” IR x 2.127” OD (REF)                              

     - 76mm -2.753” ID +/-0.007” IR, 0.116” Wall +/-0.006” IR x 2.985” OD (REF)                              

      (IR = Individual Reading x 3or more readings/locations = much higher dimensional quality than standard average readings of COTS tubing)


All hardware is Hardcoat Anodized in Type 3, Class 2 Blue on all motor cases and forward bulkheads.



Polished ISO Graphite

All graphite nozzles are made from high quality isomolded, isostatic material.


Taylored for reusability in small solid rocket motors.

When polished, they can be extremely easy to clean post flight.

Shown here is the upside down, two piece slag ring taken from a 54mm #29 nozzle.







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