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Motor Data File for RockSim and WRASP

Proteus 6 flight data (6MB Excel file).

 Loki Research Article - "An Alternate Choice in Motors"

Head End Ignition (HEI) Instructions

Cleaning and care of Loki graphite nozzles

38/1200 Gluing Instructions

54/4000 & 76/8000 Grain Gluing Instructions


Instruction Sheets for Propellant Reloads


G80, H144, I405, and J528 Loki White

G66, H90, I210, J326 Loki Red

H160, I430, J712 Loki Blue

G94 Ice Blue

G70, H125, I377, J474 Loki Cocktail

G69, H100, I316, J396 Spitfire

I110 Loki White

H500 Loki White

J1000 LW, J1026 LC, J650 SFK1127 LB, K627 LR -  All require grain bonding


J175, J525, and J820 Loki White

K250 and K960 Loki White

J300 and K527 Loki Red

J350, K690, K830 Spitfire

K350 and L1400 Loki White

L1040 Loki Red  - Requires grain bonding

L2050 Loki White - Requires grain bonding

M1378 Loki Red - Requires grain bonding


L480 and M900 Loki Red

L930 and M1882 Loki White

L1482 and M2550 Loki Blue

L780 and M1200 Spitfire

L840 and M1650 Loki Cocktail

M3000 LW, M3464 LB, M1969 SF - All require grain bonding


N3800 Loki White



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