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Loki Research was founded by Dr. Jeff Taylor in 2003 and quickly took footing as an entry level hobby and experimental rocket motor company making motors from 38mm to 152mm.  In more recent years, the name Loki Research has become synonymous with words like quality, performance, precision and most notable reliability. Since purchasing the company in April of 2011, we have taken incremental, positive steps forward towards increasing the quality and reliability of our products while still providing a great value to our customers. We have introduced many new products that deliver unmatched performance, placing them in a class of their own. We also made a commitment to purchase and source all of our manufacturing materials here in the USA. This has all been done in an effort to set Loki Research apart from others in our market. 


Loki Research is located in Theodosia, Missouri.  We manufacture high quality rocket motor hardware and solid propellant, and provide supplies for motor diameters between 38mm and 152mm. Since selling our first hobby rocket motors in 2004, Loki Research has earned a solid reputation for providing its customers products of excellent reliability, quality, performance and value.

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