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We are sorry to report that at this time we will no longer be offering the nozzle surface polishing option on future orders. Customers with open orders for this service will still receive it. There is too much natural variability in graphite from nozzle to nozzle that it becomes extremely frustrating and difficult to obtain a consistent finish from part to part. It is also extremely dirty and very time consuming and we would rather focus our efforts on making propellants.  The standard graphite surface finish will still be very smooth but not shiny. We will leave the option marked as "Out of Stock" in the web store in case we are able to re-offer it in the future. Thank you for understanding.



Loki Research was founded by Dr. Jeff Taylor in 2003 and quickly took footing as an entry level hobby and experimental rocket motor company making motors from 38mm to 152mm.  In more recent years, the name Loki Research has become synonymous with words like quality, performance, precision and most notable, reliability. Since purchasing the company in April of 2011, we have taken incremental and positive steps forward towards increasing the quality and reliability of our products while still providing the greatest value to our customers. We have introduced many new products that deliver unmatched performance, placing them in a class of their own. We also made a commitment to purchase and source all of our manufacturing materials here in the USA. This has all been done in an effort to set Loki Research apart from others in our market. 

We have delivered excellent customer service to our dealers and our customers, and we have striven to place ourselves in the highest category possible, the very best.  These changes have taken us a great deal of time and effort and they have come at a higher cost, but the results are very clear.  You will find no higher quality and reliability in small to mid-scale rocket motors than with Loki Research.  Ask around and look at the success of the projects we have been a part of over the years and you will see for yourself. Loki Research is high end rocketry at its very best.


 We have been extremely busy this year.  Thank you! 

There may be shipping delays of 1-3 weeks depending on the items and size of your order.  When ordering through this site, please give a "receive by date" in the comment box at checkout when placing your order.  We will make every effort to get it shipped out before that date if not sooner.  We will let you know as soon as possible if there will be any delay.  



All non-hobby/non-certified motors for universities and all "research" products, supplies and components must be purchased directly from Loki Research.

All hobby certified hardware, reloads and parts may be purchased direct

or they may be ordered through an exclusive Loki Research dealer.  See the DEALER tab to the left for more information.



Keep an eye on the "Specials" page for limited item specials.





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