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7/10/07 Announced new reloads and 38-120 hardware.  Updated motor data file.

11/11/06 Added ARTS 2 announcement.

3/20/06  Added Documents page with links to instruction sheets, etc..

1/16/06  Announced new motors, K250, K350, K960, and L930.

11/12/05  Added Al's Hobby Shop to dealer list.

8/26/05  Added page on motor retention.  

7/23/05  Added Jobs page.

7/8/05  Announcement of I110, L1400, and M1882 certifications.  Updated motor data file.

4/30/05 A couple of new customer photos.  

4/16/05 Added 54-1200 pictures and information.  

3/13/05  The FAQ is under repair.  New dealer, JUST ROCKETS, added to dealers page.

2/23/05  Added authorized dealers page.  New photos.  New class announcement.

2/11/2005  Announcement of projects SOAR and ICARUS

1/1/2005 End of free hardware sale (phew!).  One new photo on the photo page.  

12/17/04  Added motor data file to software page.  Holiday announcements.

12/05/04  December sale announcement.

12/03/04  Added specifications for 38mm bulkheads.  Announced renaming of the I305 to the I405.

11/24/04 A few new pictures.

10/13/04 A new photo and a few minor things.

9/26/04  Certifications announced.

9/15/04 RocSim/wRASP .eng file posted for 38mm motors.

9/14/04 Posted BB2 liftoff photo.  

9/8/04  Closed for trip to Black Rock.  We'll reopen on 9/14.

8/31/04  Added Propellant Reloads to the products page.  Updated the 38mm hardware products.  

8/15/04 Notes on the tech page.  New specials listed.  Minor changes to the FAQ.  Added some links on the links page.  Posted 38mm reload instructions.

8/13/04 Notes on BALLS.

7/28/04 First reloads sent to TMT.  A few new pictures.

6/29/04 LDRS 23 announcement.

6/9/04  Put new firmware release (v1.5) for the ARTS on the software page.  Added new page with the firmware update instructions.

6/2/04  Added the Grains2000 spreadsheet to the software section.

5/30/04  Added the "What's New" and "Links" pages.  Announced the first DOT approvals.  

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