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The ARTS product line has been permanently discontinued by the owner of OZARK AEROSPACE. All inquiries about the ARTS product line should be made through Jeff Taylor. jeff@lokiresearch.com

These software links are maintainted here as a courtesy. For all questions about the software, please contact Jeff Taylor. Loki Research is not affiliated with the ARTS products or Ozark Aerospace.

ARTS Software  V1.61 The latest release of both Data Analyzer and the ARTS firmware.   
The new firmware version , v1.61, REQUIRES that you also upgrade to DataAnalyzer to version 1.6x.

If you are currently using firmware v1.50, then you should be using version 1.5x of DataAnalyzer, and will need to upgrade.

The file includes both DataAnalyzer v1.61 as well as the new firmware file.  Updating your firmware is easy, just follow these instructions.
THE ARTS2 comes with firmware V1.61 pre-loaded.  No need to update an ARTS2.
ARTS Firmware v1.61 This is the current firmware release (released 4/2007).  Everyone should update to this version.  Updating your firmware is easy, just follow these instructions.
ARTS Sample flight data Real flight data that you can explore using the ARTS Data Analyzer software.
ARTS Software V1.7    DataAnalyzer V1.7  This version has a 64bit compatible installer and should work better with Windows 7 and VISTA.  Also does a better job dealing with USB adpaters.  A few minor bug fixes as well.


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