98mm AMW Convolute LE Phenolic Liner Set

98mm AMW Convolute LE grade Phenolilc Liner and Kraft paper Casting Tube for 3.550" ID cases. - Casting tube ID is 3.225".

Made for use with AMW 98mm hardware with a 3.550" case ID. They use the same high quality kraft paper casting tubes as the Loki style 98mm liner sets so you can still use the same casting bases and caps. These heavy duty liners have a thicker 0.096" wall and come in lengths of 47.75".

The liner will have a gap of 0.021" around AMW nozzle and bulkhead shoulders that can easily be built up with a few wraps of masking tape.

98mm AMW Convolute LE Phenolic Liner Set $160.00

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