L-1040 reload

L-1040 BATES with extended tracking smoke and single use nozzle. Requires 54mm extended bulkhead and 2-turn internal retaining ring.

Motor Data - Grain Gluing Instructions

The L-1040 Loki Red is the 3rd largest 54mm reload ever certified for hobby use. It features four hand cut grains which are tailored for maximum propellant loading. The grains and liner are pre-loaded before seperatly packaging them to ensure proper fit. To keep excessive heat off the motor case the new single use nozzle was utilized. This new nozzle requires less space inside the motor case allowing room for 1.24" more propellant length. The highly efficient design of this nozzle is key in helping the reload produce just over 3,700Ns.


L-1040 reload $305.00 TEMPORARILY

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