54mm 4000 Ns Complete Motor

Comes with Extented Bulkhead, 2-turn spiral retaining ring (aft end) and a modified standard snap ring (head end).

Bulkheads are capable of head end ignition inside the 1.875" long smoke well. Single use phenolic/graphite nozzles are included with the L-2050-LW and M-1378-LR reloads and sold seperately for experimental use. Total propellant length is approximately 41.92". Pictured below the 38/1200 hardware.

The bulkhead extends approximately 1.78" from the end of the case and measures 45.105" from the front of the thrust ring to the top of the bulkhead.

Loki 54/4000 Hardware


Whitney Richard holding an early version of the 54/4000 hardware ready for flight in a long, 3" fiberglass tank to over 14,000 feet.


And here is that flight.

54mm 4000 Ns Complete Motor $360.00

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