38mm EX Nozzle #17 and up

Reusable Graphite nozzles for Experimental use in Loki Research 38mm hardware.

Please specify nozzle number or throat size #17 thru #40 or 0.255" through 0.625" in the comments box at checkout.

Made from a premium grade, high strength, high thermal conductivity isomolded fine grain graphite with excellent resistance to thermal shock and erosion. Its low porosity and smoothness make cleaning metal slag from the surface a breeze for re-use compaired to other types.

Throat IDs are bored out from standard commercial throat sizes and the entrance is re-radiused.

NOTE! -Throat sizes larger than 1/2" (#32) are more suceptible to cracking due to a lower cross-section part strength.

38mm #19

38mm #22

38mm #25

38mm #28

38mm EX Nozzle #17 and up $56.00

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