54mm Tail Cone

The Loki Research 54mm Tail Cones are for use with the three highest performance 54mm HPR motors ever produced. The Loki Research L-1040 Loki Red (3,708Ns), L-2050 Loki White (4,802Ns) and the first and only 54mm M motor, the M-1378 Loki Red (5,361Ns) can be used with this tail cone. It`s use with these reloads will greatly reduce the base drag of any minimum diameter rocket and increase the attained altitude and speed by a fair amount, especially when attaining Mach 3 speeds and 30,000 foot+ altitudes.

They are plated per MIL-A-8625F Type 3, Class 2 Blue (Hardcoat) at .0021" coating thickness as all other Loki Hardware is currently being plated. The Tail Cones mate flush to the aft end of the motor case and match the case diameter. They are held in place with 4 cone point 6/32" stainless steel screws which hold onto the linen phenolic nozzle.

They are sold with 5 set scews (one spare) and a 1/16" Allen hex key for installation.

PLEASE NOTE- There was a change to the end margins on the 54/2800 and 4000 cases in 2016 (Gen 2). Please refer to the TECH INFO for hardware length dimensions. The distance from the end of the case to the snap ring grooves was changed to .200", the same as all the smaller 54mm cases. This was done to keep all 54mm cases retaining ring end margins the same. What this means is, this tail cone will hang over the end of the nozzle by .050" if used with the older hardware. This would result in damage to the tail cone. The simple fix is to have the end of the tail cone shortened by the same amount so that the end of the nozzle will still be flush with the tail cone, however the end the part will be bare aluminum. We will shorten your tail cone for use with Gen 1 hardware if you mention it in the comment box at check out on the web site.

Shown below with an L-2050 nozzle.

54mm Tail Cone

Actual part before plating.

54mm Tail Cone $72.00

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