54mm Nozzle Carrier

This nozzle carrier is a new experimental part designed to hold a standard 38mm Loki Research nozzle and 38mm nozzle washer (not included). This enables a quick change out of the more economical and much smaller 38mm throat sizes, but for use in 54mm motor Loki hardware. A 38mm Loki nozzle is inserted into the back, and assembled the same as in any motor case. Users may find significant savings when many different throat sizes are needed for propellant characterization.

A 54mm nozzle washer is not required for normal use but may be used for spacing purposes. A 38mm snap ring is included with your purchase.

We originally designed these for use with cooler burning sugar propellants which require much smaller throat sizes than are typically available. However, with the proper precautions they may also be used with cooler/faster burning APCP formulations in the Loki 54/950 and 54/1200 cases.

If used with any longer cases and/or hotter, slower burning propellants, it is recommended that users closely monitor motor case temperatures and use caution not to exceed 220 C. Omega makes some very good thermal indicator stickers. We would also recommend using a 1/16" thick phenolic insulating disk when excessive heat is an issue or concern from hotter APCP formulations.

These are great for use in characterizing propellants with the 54/950 hardware. Save money with 38mm Loki nozzles, and save money on replacement nozzle sizes down the road.

Loki Research 54mm Nozzle Carrier


54mm Nozzle Carrier $49.00

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