54mm Single Use Composite Nozzle

Highly Efficient 54mm Single Use Composite Nozzle - (Linen Phenolic with Graphite Throat Insert)

For use with larger 54mm hardware, or anywhere extra thermal insulation is required to protect the motor case from the damaging thermal effects of a heat soaked full diameter graphite nozzle. Use when maximum propellant volume loading is desired or when large exit diameters are need for maximum nozzle efficiency. The internal length between the propellant face and retaining ring is .725". Must be used with an internal 2-turn spiral ring available on the previous page.

The entrance, throat and exit are custom cut to an optimal design within customers specifications to deliver the maximum nozzle efficiency within the available space. Compared against one piece glass phenolic nozzles, a graphite insert maintains a consistent throat diameter, negating the need to predict variations in throat erosion rates and chamber pressures. Its strong smooth surface also maintains high gas flow efficiency resulting in increased performance over lesser materials that can pit and scour the exit cone surface. The outer linen phenolic carrier insulates the motor case against all the damaging effects of heat.

Exit diameters can be enlarged to as much as 1.610" providing higher expansion ratios than any other 54mm nozzle.

Please specify throat size (0.450" to 0.910") and exit diameter (1.35" to 1.61") in the comments section at check out.

NOTE- this product requires the use of the 2-turn internal retaining and is not to be used with a nozzle washer.

54mm Single Use Composite Nozzle $85.00

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