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KnCulator v1.1.5   A Windows program for calculating Kn values.  Invaluable for choosing the correct nozzle throat size.  There are others out there, but this one is the best.  Free!


KnCulator v1.1.8 This version will work with if you also have BurnSim.  The 1.1.5 version won`t.  Otherwise, it`s the same.  This is just the executable, you`ll need to install v1.1.5 first and then replace the application with this one.


BurnSim Does what KnCulator does, and much more!  Complete burn simulation for Bates and other geometries.  Shareware.  Free 7 day trial and then $25 to register.
Grains 2000 An excellent Excel spreadsheet for motor design.  Free!  Thanks to Troy Prideaux for his hard work putting this together.
Motor Data file Thrust data for Loki commercial reloads formatted for use with RockSim or wRASP.
Software for ARTS Electronics Ozark Aerospace and the ARTS Altimeters are no longer affiliated with Loki Research. However, links to the software is kept here as a courtesy.


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