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 Send in photos of your Loki rocket motors in action and we`ll post `em here.

BALLS 2003

Richard Mastrogiovanni lights up a Loki J528.


David McCann`s 2.6" Madcow Screech flying theK-1127 Loki Blue in the 38/1200 hardware.

Chris Short launches his "R.E.D. Hornet" on a Loki J820.  It was a fasDt ride to over 4000 feet. 

Mike Wolfe flying his BSD Thor on a Loki J528.  Thor meets Loki?  Those two have partied before!


Jimmy Yawn launches "Sugar Rush" using Loki 54-1200 hardware and recrystallized KN/sucrose with 3% Ti for sparkles.  Apogee was about 3600 feet on this launch.


John Skuba launchs his "Chieftain" using an an I405 motor that he won in the Lander Challenge contest.


It`s a 3" fiberglass Vertical Assault flying on a J175
Moonburner at the Team 1 Launch at Three Oaks, MI on
November 5, 2005. The rocket reached 3900` after an
absolutely perfect boost.

-Dale Hodgson


This is my 3" diameter rocket that I call "Expanding Gases" heading up an I405. My first of many to come Loki flights. Man, that thing jumped off the pad!

-Tony Haga


Here`s a photo of my latest creation--the Ironyx, a mutant rocket combining the best qualities of the IRIS and the Loc Onyx. This flight used the Loki 4 grain 54mm motor with a slowed-down variant of Polish Rojo for a 4 second burn, max speed 775 fps, and 6640` baro altitude. Recovered 100` from the launch rail.

-Mike McBurnett 


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