38mm EX Nozzle #11 thru #15

38mm Nozzle for Experimental Use, sizes #11 thru #15.

Why the extra cost? ; These are the smallest throat sizes we offer. ; Being so small, they require very tedious work with very small tools in extremely tight spaces. ; The exit cones also need to be opened up on about half of these sizes to get a decent expansion ratio, and all this work takes a lot more time than the larger sizes.

Throat ID``s are bored out from standard commercial throat sizes and the entrance is re-radiused.

Made from premium grade ISO molded graphite with excellent resistance to thermal shock and erosion.

Please specify nozzle number or throat size #11 thru #15 or 0.160" thru 0.245" in the comments section at checkout.

38mm EX Nozzle #11 thru #15 40.99

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