54mm 950 Ns Complete Motor

54mm-950 Ns Complete motor. Please specify nozzle size from #19 thru #28.

- Experimental ONLY. No commercial reloads available. You must specify the throat size in the comment box at check out.

Designed for 3 grains at 2.375" long, the 54/950 gives a slightly regressive thrust profile. The 54/950 hardware uses a newer nozzle which has a shorter length than typical 54mm Loki nozzles due to the smaller throat size. The internal length is 1.36 inches as compared to 1.70" and it has a .848" diameter exit. The smallest throat size available is a #19 which can be enlarged to around a #27. Any larger throat sizes will require the 1.70" long nozzle which will shorten the total propellant length from 7.14" to 6.8" which would somewhat negate a larger throat, so adjust accordingly.

NOTE- If you order a #24 or large nozzle throat, please specify in the comment box at checkout if you want the shorter 1.36" long nozzle with .848" exit or the standard 1.7" long nozzle with the 1.0" exit.

54mm 950 Ns Complete Motor 139.95

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