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 Updated on 8/28/18



The Loki Research Web Store is now open again for business. Our move to Theodosia, Missouri is now complete.  We manufacture high quality rocket motor hardware and solid propellant and provide supplies for motor diameters between 38mm and 152mm. Since selling our first hobby rocket motors in 2004, Loki Research has earned a solid reputation for providing its customers products of excellent reliability, quality, performance and value.


More hardware will be in stock soon.



 We have been extremely busy this year.  Thank you! 

There may be shipping delays of 1-3 weeks depending on the items and size of your order.  When ordering through this site, please give a "receive by date" in the comment box at checkout when placing your order.  We will make every effort to get it shipped out before that date if not sooner.  We will let you know as soon as possible if there will be any delay.  




All non-hobby/non-certified motors for universities and commercial entities, and all "research" products, supplies and components must be ordered directly through this website.

All hobby certified hardware, reloads and parts may be purchased direct

or they may be ordered through an exclusive Loki Research dealer.  See the DEALER tab to the left for more information.



Keep an eye on the "Specials" page for limited item specials.



The following new reloads are now certified for use by TRA and NAR membership. 
They are available direct through the Loki Research webstore or through Loki Research dealers.
Case Class 54-4000
Total Impulse 5,363 NS
Max Impulse 2,270 N
Average 1378 N
Burntime 3.9
TMT Metric M1378 (5% M)
Case Class 38-1200
Total Impulse 1518.691 NS
Max Impulse 987.708 N
Average 627.881 N
Burntime 2.418
TMT Metric K627 (18% K)
Case Class 38-480
Total Impulse 522.2865 NS
Max Impulse 659.37875 N
Average 377.565 N
Burntime 1.383
TMT Metric I377 (63% I)

Case Class 38-240
Total Impulse 240.428 NS
Max Impulse 205.88 N
Average 124.4936 N
Burntime 1.931
TMT Metric H124 (50% H)

Case Class 38-120
Total Impulse 134.457 NS
Max Impulse 115.72 N
Average 68.445 N
Burntime 1.9645
TMT Metric G68 (68% G)

Case Class 38-120
Total Impulse 119.0677 NS
Max Impulse 101.37 N
Average 70.039 N
Burntime 1.7
TMT Metric G70 (48% G)

Case Class 38-120
Total Impulse 121.1148 NS
Max Impulse 131.0917 N
Average 94.222 N
Burntime 1.285
TMT Metric HP-G94 (51% G)

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