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Introducing the ARTS 2

Altimeter Recording and Telemetry System


Since its introduction in 2004, the ARTS flight computer by Ozark Aerospace has earned a reputation for reliability and outstanding features. The updated ARTS 2 includes several new features, while remaining drop-in compatible with the original.    

  • 2 fully programmable output channels for chute deployments, air start, staging, etc. can be configured to fire after any detected flight event (launch, motor burnout, apogee, programmable altitude) with an optional time delay after selected event

  • Accelerometer as well as Barometric operation (immune to mach effects)

  • Recording sample rate selectable from 10Hz to 200Hz.

  • 82 seconds recording time at 200 Samples/Sec or a maximum of 26 minutes at 10 Samples/Sec

  • Two separate memory banks, you can fly twice before downloading data  

  • Terminal port for data download (download cable included)

  • Two programmable flight profiles stored on board (switch selectable at flight time)

  • Audible output channel continuity check and beeps maximum altitude on landing

  • GPS support via RS232 interface for easy connection to any RS232 NMEA2.0 GPS

  • Small foot print:  3.75”L x 1.4”W  Fits in an 1.5” airframe

  • Two mounting options using #4 or #6 screws (#6 screws and standoffs included)

  • 9 – 15V DC operation, works great on a single 9V battery

  • Option to use a second "pyro" battery to deliver more power to the outputs.

  • Includes advanced data analysis software.  Graphs flight data, calculates motor thrust curves (Great for EX motors!) and drag coefficients (CD), offers easy export of data in text format for Excel or other programs. 

  • Manufacture support via email list server.  We listen to your input!  Help shape the things to come!

Download the ARTS 2 V1.0 manual

The ARTS software package, including the flight data analysis program and sample flight data are available on the software page.

Order the ARTS


The ARTS Telemetry System is now available.  

The ARTS receiver (top) and transmitter (bottom).

The transmitter unit (bottom) utilizes a 900MHz radio to send flight data from the GPS and ARTS flight computer to the base station.  The ARTS flight computer mounts "piggy back" on the transmitter board (top).

The telemetry software allows monitoring of all important flight events, including 2D and 3D position plots.  The system can also be used with any of the popular GPS mapping programs that are available.  

Introductory Pricing:

Receiver Base Station   $320

Transmitter with GPS  $400

Active GPS antenna  $30

Serial cable (base station to computer) $10

Package Price $750 (one each of above)

Package Price with an ARTS flight computer $899

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